Professionally passionate

An extensive business network, a dynamic and multi-skilled team of specialists, and a proven talent for business development, gives us a competitive edge. And this unique amalgamation of professionals with a passion for their individual industries gives you the perfect partner.

We innovate

Our entrepreneurial approach helps us to stay one step ahead of our competitors. We don’t just look ahead, we pave the way, designing specific market solutions for different market segments in unconventional, forward-thinking and creative ways.

With the introduction of Nano Credit as a financial solution for the telecoms industry, we haven’t just filled a gap, we’ve carved out a niche…
– Mobi Payment Solutions (Shareholder Mode)

We specialize

From our entrepreneurial approach and enterprising thinking, to the people we partner with, we specialise in offering a fresh perspective on each and every facet of our hand-picked projects. Our people add value today to secure success in the future. They create new solutions, break new ground and adapt best practices throughout different sectors.

We create

Where others see risk, we create value. We don’t see pitfalls, we create opportunities. Where others see problems, we create new solutions. We venture into unchartered territory with integrity, professionalism and transparency and we realise our entrepreneurial vision, one project at a time. We create a strategic shift that points the South African business landscape towards a brighter horizon.

“Five years ago, Nano Credit didn’t exist… we developed it.”

We focus

As entrepreneurs, we offer a unique perspective – an unwavering commitment to taking on what some would see as ‘nothing’ and transforming it into an extraordinary ‘something’.
We focus on select, specialist areas, and we don’t just identify potential, we realise it. It’s this insightful, selective and value-building enterprising approach that enables us to develop products that create tangible value in the telecoms, financial services, energy, property, engineering consultancy and asset management consultancy sectors.