The Group

The building blocks of the Impuma brand rest on a foundation of trust and professionalism. After various successes over the years, the company is a strong and diversified investment group. We only select associate companies if they share our values and business philosophy – integrity, transparency, and bold leadership.

Every project, employee, and engagement is geared to building a sustainable business that can create career-changing opportunities for previously disadvantaged professionals. With this mind-set, Impuma is continually guiding all its companies to strategically shift South Africa’s business landscape towards a new and brighter horizon.

We create digital technology solutions and provide content services that financially empower and enrich the lives of lower-income consumers in emerging markets – Africa being our key focus. Read More

We are an amalgamation of skilled entrepreneurial engineers. We have a national footprint as well as an impressive presence in Africa and beyond (Level 1 B-BBEE certification). Read More

SDM Consulting

From Asset Management to the improvement of quality of life, we strive to use the latest equipment, technology and software to deliver excellent service and give you the best results. Read More

We are a South African based engineering company, comprising of a number of industry-recognized specialists, whose primary objective is to be the leader in all aspects in the field of defence. we develop, industrializes and commercializes technology products in the Security cluster and have established ourselves as an engineering authority and manufacturer in Radar and Electronic Warfare. Read More


We are a short-term insurance risk, advisory and intermediary services company. We have built our reputation on providing unparalleled bill protection schemes, offering consumers peace of mind, value for money and unrivalled experience and expertise. Read More

RGI is an investment company registered both in Mauritius and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Our primary interest is in investing in precious metals on the African continent, particularly gold and diamonds.

We focus on Call Enhancement Solutions with a strong base in South Africa, India and Kenya. We operate in 17 countries in Africa and our Telco group clients include, MTN, Airtel, Reliance, Tata, Etisalat, Ooredoo and Globacom


We have evolved from being a mobile content player to becoming a leading digital services, consulting and data monetization provider. Our services and solutions are based on our Big Data engine which converts user data into advertising and premium transactions. Read More

We are a real estate investment and development company with our own portfolio of commercial, retail, industrial, student accommodation and social housing properties. We invest in and finance our own developments and acquisitions.


Mobi Payment Solutions (MobiPay) is a mobile wallet that provides a one-stop solution. MobiPay is headed up by a group of professional entrepreneurs.


Aquarius is a focused venture in the gaming industry. We are a company providing services into the Telco industry through its sports betting partners, lottery and gaming platforms.

We are a South African-based specialist in the import and export of petrochemical products. We are a fully-licensed (and B-BBEE compliant) importer, trading in both crude and refined petrochemicals.